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UI Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void addButton (const char *label, float *zone)
void addCallback (float *zone, uiCallback foo, void *data)
virtual void addCheckButton (const char *label, float *zone)
virtual void addComboBox (int i, const char *label, float *zone)
virtual void addDrawBox (int i)
virtual void addExitButton (const char *label, float *zone)
virtual void addRadioButton (GtkWidget *group, const char *label, float *zone)
virtual void addRadioButtonwithGroup (const char *label, float *zone)
virtual void addRecToggleButton (const char *label, float *zone)
virtual void closeBox ()
virtual void declare (float *zone, const char *key, const char *value)
void IntToString (int i, string &s)
virtual void openEventBox (int i, const char *label)
virtual void openExpanderBox (const char *label, float *zone)
virtual void openHorizontalBox (const char *label)
virtual void openVerticalBox (const char *label)
void readactuellState (const char *fname, const char *path, const char *input, const char *output, const char *serverpath, const char *sett)
void recallState (const char *filename)
void registerZone (float *z, uiItem *c)
virtual void run ()
void saveState (const char *filename)
virtual void show ()
void stop ()
bool stopped ()
void updateAllZones ()
void updateZone (float *z)

Static Public Member Functions

static void showtip (GtkWidget *widget, string mand1, string mand2, string mandc)
static void updateAllGuis ()

Private Types

typedef list< uiItem * > clist
typedef map< float *, clist * > zmap

Private Attributes

bool fStopped
zmap fZoneMap

Static Private Attributes

static list< UI * > fGuiList

Detailed Description

Graphic User Interface : abstract definition

Definition at line 81 of file jack_capture_gui2.cpp.

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